Not a Warm Greeting, yes?

The very first ever made post on this site, yes, here it is.


My good intentions come along with the settlement of this site. This site is actually dedicated to me myself as a food-science journalist soon to be. There, you can see the words ‘soon to be’ which refers to my (so far) first aspiration in life. I am a food science student who just started things couple months ago. It is a bit long story behind it. Just reasons and you probably not so sure want to hear or know it. But later on, you may meet me (or least, my name) on your foodie magazine. See you there!

Pardon my English, everyone. Due to the lack of its usage on my daily basis, I’ll be big enough for once again starting to use it more and more. This site will also witness my winning to take over it. So yes, pardon me for having times failing the grammar or diction. I beg for excuses in many ways cause I considered those who got the will to learn deserve chances. Or maybe we should be partners of improving our English skill, perhaps? You can find me through my social medias or mail me on, it’s a big appreciation I’ll have.

Te amo,



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