Welcome, my dear fellas. It is not so clever to talk about my self, indeed. So here we go, it is Foodienough, my foodie blog dedicated to me my self and hopefully with all the aims, could bring goods to you too.

Why should I put the aims on this blog? Cause again I tell you, cleverness hasn’t been my middle nor nick name. Sooner it will, I wish. The shallowness of mine brought me right on the sign up button, courageously wishing I would be less shallow by writing stuffs. I believe writing can do so much for us. That is why, I, without any doubts, decided to make a site for later be splashed on by words. Words is sword even more than that. By that I wish I could be sharp, literally. Words could tell.

Why is it foodie blog? A point to be noted might be this one: I am a food science and technology student in an agricultural university. For exact, it is Bogor Agricultural University I am in (for further information you may check it your self through google or perhaps directly go to its link, HERE) It feels good to be in one of the best FST departments in the whole world.

I ain’t going to talk about cuisine and stuffs. What I am gonna do is trying to elaborate the science of food or telling news related to the food industries nowadays. Again, I am still learning and of course everyone does till the end of time.

One day, I would like to be the one whom smiling happily or firmly with the fame in the second or third page on your foodie magazines. Lol, the fame one was a joke. Being a food science journalist is one of my dream jobs. And that is exactly what had been moved me to create this site. Food is underrated somehow. Well factually it is human’s fundamental needs.

At last, thank you for checking this site out. That means so much to me. Let’s make a better living by enriching ourselves through food science and stuffs. Food science will make a better world, obviously.


Te amo,

Afi Wiyono


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